• Current interest free loan deposit
      Current interest free deposit loan is one of the most important tools in monetary and commercial exchanges. Iran Zamin Bank takes action to open current account for its clients with regard to the terms and regulations of this account and delivers them a cheque book.
      Holders of current account in Iran Zamin Bank can transfer payments in their own or others’ favor or transfer their own funds to this account in the inter-connected branches of bank throughout the country by using their own cheque books.


      Necessary documents and terms of opening of a current interest free deposit account
      Necessary documents:
      • Original and copy of photo identity card and national I.D. card
      • Having a reference in one of the banks with a current interest free loan account
      • Asking for information of applicant (and partners in a joint account) from Central Bank of I.R. of Iran; confirming the lack of bouncing cheque for them.
      • Completion of the form of opening an account by the applicant
      Necessary terms:
      • Applicant should hold qualifications for opening this account.
      • In order to open an account, there is a need to a reference in one of the banks in which he/she has an account.
      • Opening an account will be subject to obtaining inquiry for the applicant of an account or his/her lawyer including real or legal persons.
      • Having accepted the terms and regulations of this account by applicant and presented necessary documents by applicant, an account is opened for the applicant and cheque book is delivered to him/her
      • Opening a joint current interest free deposit account will be done in accordance with regulations and terms related to joint account.
      • In a joint current interest free loan account, it is necessary that the share of each holder of share and the right of use the account including individually or jointly to be specified legally.
      • The general conditions and regulations of current account should be confirmed and signed by partners in writing
      • Opening an account for foreign citizens will be made based on introduction made by a customer of bank who has a current account and the introduction made by the governmental organizations and foreign embassies verifying and confirming the identification and status of the applicant
      • Foreign citizen applicants should hold a permanent residence permit in Iran
      • Obtaining the copy of passport and residence permit of foreign applicant is mandatory