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      Mobile Banking
      Mobile Banking System of Iran Zamin Bank is one of the modern services of this bank which has been launched round-the-clock in line with the expansion of e-banking.
      The Mobile Banking gives you an opportunity to save the time and cost and perform part of your banking affairs through this system.


      Services presented through Iran Zamin Mobile Banking System:
      • Entering via client number and first password of Mobile Banking
      • Displaying all deposits
      • Displaying all cards issued
      • Receiving balance and turnover
      • Transferring the funds between personal accounts and others
      • Transferring the funds of local card
      • Charging purchase
      • Making a bill payment
      • Making payment by installment for facilities
      • Following up a specific check
      • Changing the first and second passwords
      • Changing the card second password
      • Receiving the IBAN of the account
      • System guide


      Method of registering and activating the mobile banking :
      Dear clients, you may refer to the nearest branch and complete the application form and establish the mentioned service for your own client number.