• Established history and experience

      Established history and experience

      Founding board of the bank, to obtain agreement in principle to No. 5/1926 dated 04.20.1387 of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran was established banks.

      Bank of Iran at a Glance

      1. Bank Name: Iran - (LLP)
      2. Bank capital: 2,000 billion rials (two hundred dollars)
      3. Bank Stocks: 2 billion shares - ordinary shares and the name of the
      4. Value per share: 1000 Rls.
      5. Founding Fathers: The team of skilled and reputed founder of Iran's banks from different walks of life, including various economic activities such as manufacturing and service sectors, Amvrbanky specialists, medical society, the engineering community, academics, educators and other social groups are Vtavngran.
      6. Share cofounder: 51/75 percent stake in the bank
      Entirely worth £ 1,035 billion is paid in cash